Who we are

We are an international company that develops social mobile games independently. We create the best games to captivate our users with new ways of having fun, learning and staying connected.

Ever since the release of Aworded Crack in 2011, our games have been competing in the top rankings in Latin America, the United States, and over fifty countries around the globe. Trivia Crack is a world-renowned game, and the brand's licensed products are available in the top markets. We keep on growing and working to remain leaders in social gaming both in the region and the world.

How we work

Leading social
gaming company in
Latin America

Our games are
at the top of the charts
in over 46 countries

Market penetration
in 80+ countries


Our offices



Maximo Cavazzani

Chief Executive Officer

Simón Selva

Chief Operations Officer

Gonzalo García

Chief Technology Officer

Mariano Fragulia

Chief Product Officer

Sebastián Peña

Chief Human Resources Officer

Ezequiel Mottillo

Creative Director

Ignacio Ortiz

Chief Marketing Officer

Guido Farji

Chief Commercial Officer

Rodrigo Larrimbe

Chief Financial Officer

Sebastián Coppola

General Manager Berlin

Tatiana Kondratyeva

Executive Producer Berlin

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